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Wi-Fi is a popular thing now a days and this has become popular for the smartphone and tablet PC. For getting Wi-Fi connection or wireless internet, you have to buy a router. You can buy the router from different brand and some people like to buy from Belkin and SMC. Belkin and SMC are popular brand. After buying the router, you should read the manual. Because in the manual, you will get full instruction of the router and Wi-Fi settings. In the manual of the router and in additional paper, you will get more data. You will get the default username, password and default IP address. For Belkin and SMC routers, the IP address is used and you need to know those things for setup the settings. Read the manual of the router and you will get additional information and guideline from the manual.
The primary use of the default IP address for Belkin and SMC is accessing the control center. From the control center, you can setup the settings. Unbox the box and plug the cables with the router and cable. After plugin all of the cables and device, you should turn on the device and make sure that what you need to do. You have all instruction. The default username and password are also main thing for making connection with the router setting page.
You need to use a browser as a tool for login to the control section of the router. On the address field of the browser, you need to type the default IP address You know that the default IP address is not enough for login to the router. You have to use the default username and password on the login screen on the login page and press the enter key from the keyboard. Now you have logged in the router control section and you will get all of the steps for configuration the router.
The default IP address is used in the Belkin and SMC routers. The same default IP address is used for checking the connectivity between router and computer. You need to use command prompt page from the smart menu and there you can use ping command. You can use a ping “ping” command or the continuous ping command “ping -t”. Using the ping command, it is very easy to identify the problem of the router. On the same DOS page, you can use “ipconfig” command to know the IP address. From the ping command, you will get different results and from those results you can identify the connectivity status of the router and computer.
Experts do not let you change the default IP address from the Belkin and SMC routers. Because the default IP address has many use and users should not change the default IP address until the problem of the IP confliction error occurs. If it is necessary to change the default IP address, then you have to know the how to create an IP address. If you try to use wrongly formatted IP address, then the device does not accept the IP address.
The IP address is form Class C type and this is very necessary thing to know the correct IP class. The IP address which start with 192.168 indicate the IP address as class C. When you want to change the default IP address and setup a new IP address, then you need to know the Class of the IP address. In the place of X of the IP address 192.168.X.X, you can use any number from 0 to 255. After changing the IP address, you have to save the setting. If the default IP address does not face IP address confliction problem, then you should not change the IP address.
For giving the security for the router, many users want to change the default IP address for Belkin and SMC routers. It is not important to change the default IP address for giving the router security. By changing the username and password for the router, you can give same security. You should keep note if you change the login detail of the router IP address, username and password. You should keep those information safe. If you cannot remember, then you will face problem.
You need to remember all of the manual settings what you have used in the router. If you have changed the default username and password but you cannot remember, then you cannot login to the device. Now you can press the reset button of the router and all settings will go away. Now you can use all default IP address, username and password for login. Read the manual, to know more about the reset button. You may need to press reset button for 10 – 20 seconds.
Many problems may occur in the router and this is why Wi-Fi connection or router can make problem. In many cases, it is found that the IP address does not response from the browser. In this case, you need to use ping command to identify the problem. Sometimes firewall and virus can block the IP address You need to unblock the IP address from the firewall and check the computer with the updated antivirus. Now you can easily find out the problem and try to solve. Read the manual to know detail of the router and Wi-Fi settings.
If the ping command shows lost= 100%, it means that the connection between router and computer is not working properly. The problem can be anywhere and you should check the cable connections. However, if you do not find the problem in the cable, then you should check the network from control panel of the Windows. You need to click on the networking and sharing center icon and then go to Networking page and click on the Change adapter settings link. Now click on the Ethernet icon from the network and go to properties. Scroll down the screen and select “internet protocol version 4” and double click on it. Now select “the following IP address” now put the IP address Now click on the subnet mask and it will be filled auto. Put the in the default gateway and choose DSN server from your ISP and click on Ok button. Now try again the with ping command and check the connectivity status.
If you are facing the same problem, then you should clean the cache, cookies and history and clean everything. Now the check the IP address again on the browser address field. Still you are facing the same problem then contact with vendor.